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Key Bellevilles Inc. of Allegheny Township celebrates 50 successful years KIM LEONARD | Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 12:27 a.m.

Key Bellevilles Inc. of Allegheny Township celebrates 50 successful years! Written by KIM LEONARD in TRIB LIVE | Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 12:27 a.m. LOUIS B. RUEDIGER | TRIBUNE-REVIEW
About Key Bellevilles Inc. Founder: Robert J. Key, in 1967, company is family operated Where: Allegheny Township Employees: 77 Product: Belleville disc springs, cone-shaped washers that can be stacked to handle heavy loads. Named for Julien Belle¬ville, who patented a spring design in 1867 in France. Uses: Multiple, including NASA’s space station and shuttles, amusement park rides, ski lifts, airplanes, robots, guitars, oil rigs, fishing reels, race cars and kitchen appliances. Customers: 24,000 over company’s history in the United States and 56 other countries, including China. Suppliers: All steel used in belle¬villes is made in the USA; Allegheny Technologies and AK Steel are major suppliers. Sources: Key Bellevilles Inc., Tribune-Review research.
Key Bellevilles Inc. has built its 50-year history on one product used in many things — from the mechanical shark in “Jaws” to space shuttles. “I saw that there was a potential for it,” founder and President Robert J. Key, 83, said of the belleville disc spring, which the Allegheny Township company makes and stocks in more than 10,000 sizes. In the early days of the business, Key — then also a New Kensington attorney — honed his salesmanship skills as he flew his single-engine Cessna 182 airplane in search of customers. “I traveled with that plane from Alaska to Mexico, and from Nova Scotia to Puerto Rico,” he recalled. “I would see three to five companies a day.”
Family-operated Key Bellevilles designs and makes bellevilles, cone-shaped steel discs that can be stacked together to absorb force. “Picture a dinner plate upside down, and cut a hole in the center. Press it flat. That’s the description I got when I went to buy the company,” Key said.

No Layoffs in 45 Years

There currently are 77 employees, and, while that number is down slightly from a few years ago because of automation, the company hasn’t had a layoff in 45 years, he said. Key Bellevilles is considered the largest manufacturer of bellevilles worldwide, Key said, with customers throughout the United States and in 56 other countries. The company doesn’t disclose revenue. Engineering, stamping, machining and heat treating are done at the plant off Route 356, said Key’s brother, Philip, 58, vice president of operations. With warehouse space added in 2013, the company can stock more than 35 million bellevilles, ready to be shipped out, and it keeps a large supply of steel used to make discs. “It’s amazing how much raw material inventory he keeps,” said Russ Buckbinder, a retired founding partner in Fastener Tool & Supply of Solon, Ohio. “Bob Key told me many times that was his thing — rather than having cash, he had the inventory, and it worked well for him.”
Fastener Tool & Supply buys million-piece quantities of bellevilles from Key’s company then sells them, 100,000 at a time, to a large valves and fittings manufacturer, Buckbinder said. Eloy Sedillo of Houston-based National Oilwell Varco, which sells oil and gas industry equipment, said he’s visited Key’s plant and doesn’t worry about products arriving on time. “When I place an order, it comes,” said Sedillo, who works in procurement at National Oilwell.

Lawyer to Manufacturer

Key was a partner in a New Kensington law firm in 1967 when a cousin, George Key, who worked for Union Spring Corp. in that city, brought two of that company’s executives to see him. The men asked Key to find a company they could buy, then add bellevilles as a production line, because leaders at their company weren’t interested, he said. He arranged for them to buy the Ohio Springs Specialty division of Handy and Harman in Cleveland, and intended to buy a third of the business for $100,000. But his two prospective partners backed out, Key said, and he dipped into savings and stock earnings to come up with $300,000. Key and his cousin worked in Ohio for two years, setting up a belleville production line there. Key Bellevilles then moved to its current site, part of a 750-acre tract that industrialist Andrew Carnegie, and later Allegheny Ludlum Corp., once owned. Key had worked with a later purchaser of that property in 1965, and invested his fee and $15,000 to buy 100 wooded acres. He borrowed $100,000, and he and his father, Robert C. Key, a local home builder, built a plant in six weeks and opened it in 1969. Key said his company made regular springs for a while, and became a distributor for another brand before making and selling its own belleville products exclusively.

Major Corporations Become Customers

One important customer was found close to home. Key approached Alcoa Corp., then with thousands of workers in New Kensington, and was invited to talk with engineers at the company’s downtown Pittsburgh headquarters. Someone asked, “ ‘Can you make this for 91 cents?’ and I said ‘Yeah.’ That’s how we got our first order, and we’re still doing business with them,” Key said, “We got into Caterpillar. We got into Alcoa. We got into GE.
“I met a lot of people who wanted to give a young person a chance.” Bellevilles were supplied to a New Jersey company for work on NASA’s shuttle and have been used in other space technology, Key said. The discs are made “from the size of a dime to 3 feet in diameter and 3 inches thick” so that a million pounds of force would be needed to deflect it, he said. In addition to Philip Key, Key Bellevilles’ staff includes Robert Key’s brother Richard, a retired banker in Phoenix who is the chief financial officer; wife Patty, corporate secretary; daughter Kathy Brown and her son, Steve; granddaughter Jennifer Downard and her cousin Billy Key, who is George Key’s grandson. Key’s office sports harness racing murals. He raises standardbred horses, and said he has about 100 horses racing now, plus 50 broodmares.
Kim Leonard is a Tribune-Review staff writer. She can be reached at 725-226-4674, kleonard@tribweb.com or @KimLeonardTrib.
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