Design Program

Key Bellevilles offers free proprietary belleville calculator design software to help our customers in the belleville design process. There are two belleville calculator programs currently available to Key Bellevilles customers:
Excel-based Program: For those familiar with Excel, we offer a fully-automated workbook that includes our catalog, engineering handbook, and proprietary belleville calculation software. This program also includes material descriptions, terms and symbol nomenclature guide, and fully automated load vs. deflection charts. The program is compatible with current versions of Microsoft Office.
International Program: The Key Bellevilles International Program is our proprietary design software available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. The software contains our catalog, engineering handbook, material descriptions, as well as our Key Bellevilles calculator.
If interested, we also offer a paper copy of our Key Bellevilles Engineering Handbook detailing important parameters associated with the design of bellevilles.
Click here to order a design package. Please note that if you are already using a previous version of the software that you must un-install the program before installing the latest version.
*Note that the Key Bellevilles International Program requires Microsoft Framework Version 4.5.