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Key Bellevilles, Inc. is the industry leading expert for the design and manufacture of belleville springs also known as belleville washers or conical springs.. We have established a reputation as a quality United States manufacturer; serving the mining equipment, chemical processing, petrochemical, electrical utilities, primary metals, agricultural, and construction equipment industries. See below for some examples of applications that require belleville disc springs

  • Belleville washers are components of heavy machinery that are used in construction, mining, excavation, and agriculture.
  • Oil refiners and chemical plants use bellevilles to help maintain a safe operating environment.
  • The energy industry uses bellevilles in drilling equipment, wind propellers, motors, etc.
  • Bellevilles are used in the transportation industry in the design of hydraulic and brake systems for automobiles.
  • Belleville disc springs also known as belleville washes are used in the aerospace industry in numerous applications including the International Space Station.

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