About Us

Key Bellevilles Inc. was founded in 1967 and is dedicated to provide unmatched products and services to our customers. Located in Leechburg, Pennsylvania (25 miles northeast of Pittsburg) Key Bellevilles Inc. Headquarters stretches over 200 acres. At this site, Key Bellevilles operates a manufacturing facility with over 87,000 square feet of state of the art equipment and technology.
Our mission is to manufacture and distribute quality belleville disc springs. Belleville disc springs are referred to by many names including some of the following; bellevilles, belleville disc springs, belleville springs,belleville washers, conical springs, conical disc springs, cupped springs, disc springs, and disk springs. Belleville washers are used in thousands of applications related to aerospace, construction, drilling, refineries, power plants, etc..

Celebrating Over 50 Years!

Key Bellevilles is different from other manufacturers in that we only make one product: Belleville Disc Springs. We are experts on the design and manufacture of belleville springs. Key Bellevilles provides the following advantages over our competitors: