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Key Bellevilles offers a wide variety of belleville washers to meet your design requirements. Our catalog consists of bellevilles geared toward precision bolting, heavy bolting, refining & chemical flange bolting, cryogenic flange bolting, and many other applications.

Stock Belleville Springs:

  • Key Bellevilles Bolting Series disc springs are utilized in bolted assemblies to maintain load or tension.
  • Maintain high tension compensating for expansion of dissimilar metals such as electrical connection bolting or wear situations.
  • This series should not be used in precision mechanical equipment or in dynamic applications without a detailed stress study.
  • Alternate materials are available in most sizes. Mechanical zinc or cadmium plating is also available if required.
  • For economical purposes this series is supplied without initial set removed. After initial loading the dish height “h” will be lower. Loads given are approximate at full deflection.

Precision Bolting Springs:

  • Manufactured to DIN 6796 specifications

Special Heavy Bolting Springs:

  • Manufactured to DIN 6796 specifications
  • For use only in simple bolting applications
  • Loads provided are approximate after initial loading
  • H1 Height as received, H2 height after initial loading

Refining & Chemical Flange Bolting:

  • B-7 B-16 Bolts
  • Working temperatures up to 1000 F depending on material used
  • Available in 30000, 45000, and 60000 lbs bolt stress
  • Available in metric or imperial sizes
  • *47,500 PSI Bolt Stress

Cryogenic Flange Bolting

  • ASTM A-320 GR 8 Bolting Carpenter
  • 455/17-7 PH Material
  • *15,000 lbs. & **25,000 lbs Bolt Stress
  • Note that 17-7 Steel is subject to spontaneous fracture when stressed and exposed to some corrosive environments.

Stock Metric Sizes

  • Key Bellevilles Stock Metric Series provides reduced material thickness on disc springs with turned contact surfaces.
  • Springs with a thickness of 6mm and over are machined all over and are given lathe-turned contact surfaces at the inner and outer support edges.
  • The contact surfaces have a width of approximately De/150.
  • These contact surfaces cause an increase in spring load which has to be compensated by reducing the thickness t to t1.
  • Note: Only when stacking spring layers in parallel does a reduced height have to be taken into consideration. The height of the
    single disc remains unaltered.

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